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  Bring Our Team Onsite:
  Bring this program and its benefits to your organization. What do organizations like SAS, Carnegie Mellon, The Association of State Hospital Administrators, The Conference Board, and the Association for Continuing Legal Education have in common? They are all very successful organizations, and they have all had Ralph Elliott and his team do special presentations for them.

Here are the top three (3) reasons to bring the Effective Seminar/Conference Marketing Institute (ESMI) to your location for a cost-effective, onsite team training session:

1. Get Training at Substantial Cost Savings to Your Organization.

  If you want your entire team to benefit from increased seminar marketing savvy, you should consider bringing ESMI Onsite to your location. Whether you require a single day for a small group or multiple days of extensive training for your entire team, ESMI Onsite delivers significant savings, an ideal location, and exceptional convenience with the same quality enjoyed in the public program.

2. Build Practical Skills with Benchmarking Examples.

  Onsite, you receive ample opportunity to discuss best practices for seminar/conference marketing...reflecting real-world situations. Essentially, Elliott has searched the marketplace and collected “best marketing practices” of seminar conference marketing so you receive an unbiased, even-handed view of what works and what doesn’t. This means you and your colleagues can immediately apply ideas that work.

3. Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

  Achieve the results you expect or there is no fee. ESMI Onsite delivers an effective and enjoyable active education experience for your entire team, and this commitment is backed by our unconditional guarantee... unless you feel 100% satisfied that ESMI has delivered even more than you expected, there is no fee for the course.

Have this Program Presented...


in your organization or institution and have these topics and others individualized to your needs. Call Anne Copeland at 864.506.0742 or email her at anne@seminarmarketing.org for available dates.