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  13 Special Benefits
1. Organized and directed by an experienced Conference Chairperson . . . Ralph Elliott, who is doing what he is talking about…call him at 864.710.2815 or email your questions to elliot@clemson.edu (one 't' in elliot email)
2. Exchange ideas with colleagues and speakers in networking breaks, luncheons, and dinners led by national seminar/conference leaders
3. Get a free search-engine ranking analysis so that you know how your key words stack up against your competitors'
4. Plan to get answers to your post-seminar questions with a 30-day free 'hot line' service directly to Ralph Elliott
5. Participate in special pre-conference case-study workshops on social media and mobile marketing
6. Receive a complete copy of all power points used in the conference
7. Use the conference opportunity to complete a three-month accomplishment form sent to you three months after the seminar
8. Receive a questionnaire—as soon as you register—to supply questions you would like answered during the seminar
9. Get practical, down-to-earth recommendations for current and future program success at a special early-riser panel session
10. Get 30 ideas in 30 minutes at a post-conference hot-seat session
11. Save $200 or more . . . when you register two or more at $595 each
12. Guaranteed satisfaction or a full refund of your booking fee
13. Reduced hotel room rates