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  Sunday's Agenda, August 24
Optional Complimentary Pre-Conference Workshops and Early-Bird Social

Colleagues.....Come in early on Sunday and learn how to pick the social media or mobile marketing strategies that will give your team the highest ROI. Just register for the total conference by going to or by calling Anne Copeland at 864.506.0742 and then attend one of the two (2) pre-conferences for no additional charge.

After the Sunday workshops, network with your colleagues at the afternoon social sponsored by Chuck Havlicek, President of ACEware Systems. Come prepared to interact and make new connections with your fellow delegates, so bring plenty of business cards.

Maximizing Your Event Marketing ROI with the Social Media Platforms that Best Suit Your Organization and Market
Barbara Rozgonyi / 2:00 - 5:00 PM
Barbara RozgonyiBarbara RozgonyiThe founder of CoryWest Media and Chicago's Social Media Club, Barbara is the creator of the WIRED PR system. An innovative online marketer since 1996, Barbara won Nokia's contest to represent the U.S. at Social Media Week Berlin in 2013. Barbara works with meeting professionals and event planners at corporations, colleges, universities, governments and small businesses to help them quickly increase visibility, attract leads, grow business, and click with crowds using social media, content marketing, and PR. CoryWest Media's services include 360 marketing audits, scalable content marketing plans, personal and company-wide LinkedIn makeovers, event marketing strategies and production, and customized live or online social media trainings. A keynote speaker and best-selling co-author, Barbara is @wiredprworks on twitter.com, one of PRWeb's top 12 twitter accounts to follow. For more ideas, courses, and resources, visit Barbara's top 50 marketing and PR blog at http://wiredPRworks.com

Author, Speaker, Conductor
CoryWest Media

Social Media Tree Twenty (20%) of your marketing budget should be allocated to social media. But, the number of social media platforms you see today is countless.

Strategizing your social media marketing campaigns can be a confusing task. In this session, you will gain a clear understanding of which platforms give you the highest ROI.

You will leave this intensive three (3) hour workshop knowing where to focus your time and efforts to maximize your social media ROI.

Attend this pre-conference session and learn how to:

  • Activate a 3D Marketing Audit to Maximize Real Engagement and Registrations
  • Identify Objectives and Tools to Monitor Social Media Campaign Results
  • Efficiently and Economically Structure Content Marketing
  • Realize Real ROI Value in Social Media Marketing
  • Build Your Social Media Presence Using WIRED PR
  • Amplify Event Marketing on Facebook and Google+
  • Tap into the power of Twitter to Attract Flocks of Followers
  • Leverage LinkedIn to Hone Your Competitive Advantage
  • Ramp up Pinterest Interest from Customers and Spiders
  • Test Newer Social Media Tools Like Instagram and Snapchat
  • Maximize Credibility and Accessibility Using Your YouTube Channel
  • Generate Repeat Business by Building a Loyal Social Media Customer Fan Base

How to Set-Up and Implement an Effective Mobile Marketing Campaign
Matthew David and Jim Lillig / 2:00 - 5:00 PM
Matthew DavidMatthew DavidMatthew is a Professor at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and Chief Digital Strategist for the Professional Services Division at Compuware Corporation. Corporation. Over the last three years, Matthew has consulted on mobile strategies for many organizations. He is a published author of more than 10 books, including HTML5 (2nd Ed), HTML5 for Mobile Web Sites and is working on two new books: "Designing Apps that Work" and "The New Digital Enterprise." David has been described as knowing more about mobile marketing and apps than anyone in the business.

Chief Digital Strategist Compuware

Jim Lillig Jim LilligDescribed as a Swiss Army knife of digital marketing, Jim has a creative passion and results- oriented approach that produces millions in revenue for organizations. He excels in enhancing your understanding of the benefits of investing in mobile marketing and the ways it can dovetail with your existing efforts to create a higher level of engagement.

Jim provides eCommerce and digital marketing strategy consulting that combines a brand's need for widening its reach with engaging targeted audiences. His insights have helped his clients reduce ad spend while increasing effectiveness by focusing on optimizing the user experience for both online and mobile initiatives. He is an accomplished speaker, writer and media strategist. He is presently the president of Synergy Intermedia Consulting where he helps advertisers create marketing and engagement campaigns through CPC, CPM, SEO and affiliate strategies.

Digital Marketing Guru Synergy Intermedia LLC

Chief Digital Strategist Compuware

Andrew Spyrison Andrew SpyrisonAndrew is a leading mobile marketing strategist who engages audiences and creates participation at his events by leveraging geo fencing and Bluetooth low energy.

Andrew guest lectures at Columbia College and Roosevelt University on digital marketing trends and strategies. In addition to his academic work, he has developed mobile solutions for private sector clients such as Pepsi, Brown-Forman, and Volkswagen.

CEO of Populous

Mobile Marketing ImageYour organization needs a mobile marketing campaign for the same reason you need a computer and wi-fi access this is the age in which we live! Walk around any major city or airport and you'll find more than just a few folks with faces glued to their Smartphone screens. According to recent reports, 40% of users' internet time is spent on mobile devices, which means simply ignoring the rise of mobile just isn't an option.

Attend this pre-conference workshop and learn how to use a mobile campaign to market your events, deliver added value at your events, and sustain attendee interest after your event.

Your workshop is divided into the three (3) phases of implementing a mobile marketing campaign for your events:

  1. Marketing your event via mobile channels
  2. Delivering engagement via mobile during your event
  3. Sustaining post-event attendee attention for your next event

Each of the three phases will be covered in depth during the workshop. The workshop will follow the following format:

  • Speaker Presentation
  • Breakout Session

Each section (marketing, delivering and sustaining) will open with a presentation illustrating best practices and emerging techniques.

Next, the breakout section will give you the opportunity to work with your peers on how to best leverage new techniques to keep your event 'front and center' for your attendees.

Phase 1: Marketing Your Event

During the Marketing Your Event Phase, you will learn how mobile web, social media websites and mobile apps can be brought together to provide a cohesive build up to your event.

Learn how prospective attendees can find out about future events and why mobile technology is the key to marketing/discovery. You will also learn a quick-start way to buy mobile media to target new event attendees. See how the latest mobile payment options are making it easier for a prospective attendee to pay for an event. Take away ideas on how you can best leverage social media to keep attendees and potential attendees informed on event milestones and key information.

Phase 2: Delivering Your Event

During the Delivering Your Event Phase, you will benchmark what organizers are doing to provide the latest information to attendees via mobile delivery methods as an event is being presented.

Strategies will range from high tech to low cost to illustrate that you do not need a small development army to pull off an engaging technology to support your event.

Phase 3: Sustaining Attendees After Your Event

In many ways, keeping your attendees engaged post event is more important now than ever before. With increased travel costs, as well as more competition for attendees to attend events, it is more important than ever to be aware of how engaging your attendees post event can sustain future events.

Your past attendees are people who have paid and support your programs. Neglecting post event engagement can be the difference between an event growing in popularity or struggling to avoid declining attendance in years to come.

With the right amount of engagement and information sharing, you can keep your attendees coming back for years. In addition, you will learn how to turn attendees into evangelists so they bring their colleagues along for the next event. In this final session, you will see how mobile technology can be a core driving factor in maintaining a strong engagement with your customers and clients.

Workshop Breakout Sessions

The workshop breakout sessions will have guided exercises that will assist you in developing your own strategic plan for employing mobile marketing before, during, and after your next event. With the help of your peers and the workshop's leaders, you will walk away with an action plan on how to use mobile technology and tactics to set your event apart from the competition.

Our goal as speakers is not for you to become a mobile expert, but for you to be able to know which mobile technology to apply to your specific event thus you can apply the take-away ideas to your next event.

Networking Social with Chuck Havlicek, President of ACEware / 5:00 - 6:00 PM
Chuck Havlicek Your networking social host, Chuck Havlicek, has over 40 years of experience in the seminar and workshop industry. He planned, promoted and managed conferences for 15 years at the University of Nebraska and Kansas State University before starting ACEware Systems. For the past 25 years, ACEware Systems has been developing and supporting registration software solutions for public classes, short courses, online programs, workshops and conferences. ACEware Systems has the best support in the industry and is the only company to offer a one-year, 110% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Let Chuck do a free evaluation of your current management systems and registration procedures. To learn about the full line of ACEware products, go to the website at: www.aceware.com.