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  Tuesday's Agenda, August 26
Early Riser Session - Practical, Down-to-Earth Recommendations for Current and Future Program Success
Paul Kolars, James Jenkins, Trenton Hightower, Don-Terry Veal, Jamie Schwaba / 7:00 - 8:15 AM

Paul Kolars
Paul KolarsPaul Kolars is Managing Partner and a founder of TriMax Direct, a diversified data services firm. With more than 30 years of experience in list and data acquisition, Paul knows how to find little known prospect sources and tailor a custom solution to every marketing challenge. His experience with lead generation techniques includes finding the best ways to leverage email, direct mail, webinars, SEO/SEM, and social media marketing. Paul is a frequent guest speaker on b-to-b marketing at the University of St. Thomas' Opus College of Business and has been a presenter at a variety of marketing conferences. His company, TriMax Direct works closely with clients to help them FIND, UNDERSTAND, and BUILD their audiences by providing list brokerage, research, and marketing solutions. They specialize in business development for the education, seminar, and association markets.

Topic: How to Turn Data into Registration Profits

James Jenkins

James JenkinsJames W. Jenkins is the founder and executive director of ATI. He has been organizing and presenting professional development training programs since 1977. From first-hand experience, he knows the factors that are critical for the success of continuing professional development.

How can he help you be more successful? Let Jim show you the typology of attributes required by both public and private sector continuing education leaders to excel. See how you can be a 'Jack of All Trades but Master of Some' by understanding the diversity of tasks and the types of context where varying degrees of skill, understanding, and mastery need to be demonstrated.

Jim is a senior physicist with degrees from Gettysburg College (physics and mathematics) and the University of Wisconsin (physics). He knows how to combine theory with practical reality so that you will learn from him how to proceed with the strategic and tactical acquisition of new knowledge & skills so that you effectively tackle an evolving portfolio of tasks with confidence and insight.

Topic: Jack of All Trades, Master of Some!

Trenton Hightower

Trenton HightowerTrenton Hightower is Vice President-Strategic Partnerships and Business Development for ProTrain, LLC. He is responsible for establishing academic partnership with universities and colleges that provide training solutions to meet online and in-classroom needs for education2employment.

Trenton helps college partners develop a virtual continuing education division that supports high-demand, high-growth jobs. He developed national relationships with these universities and colleges that support overall training and development from assessment to developing and delivering training, concluding with evaluation.

Formerly, Trenton was Vice President of Strategic Businesses Partnerships at Boston Reed, as well as the Assistant Vice President for the Virginia Community College system office. He is the author of the book, Field Trip 101 - An Approach to Team-Building, and Founder of Strategic Solutions for Colleges.

Hightower is a past board member with the YMCA, NCCET, LERN, and local Chamber of Commerce. He holds a Masters in Administration of Higher Education and is currently completing a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership.

Topic: How to Use Joint Venture Partnerships to Build Your Bottom-Line

Don-Terry Veal
Don-Terry VealAs Director, Don-Terry provides continuing education and lifelong learning programs to governmental leaders throughout the state of Alabama and beyond.

Veal served as founder and editor-in-chief of the Entrepreneurship Policy Journal. He wrote the book The Politics of Equity and Growth and co-authored Public Opinion in Alabama: Looking Beyond the Stereotypes. He was a co-editor of several other books, including Entrepreneurship in South Africa and The United States and Advancing Public Trust in Government. He is the author of many articles and book chapters in the areas of public finance both nationally and internationally.

Dr. Veal is founder and chairman of the Auburn University National Conference Governmental Excellence and Best Practices, the former vice chair of the World Conference of Mayors Corporate Round Table, and former president of the Southern Consortium of University and Public Service Organizations (SCUPSO).

Dr. Veal is a member of Who's Who in America, a Global Fellow for the ICē Institute at the University of Texas at Austin, a Foreign Honorary Fellow of the South Korea Research Institute for Local Administration, and an associate member of the Algiers Economic Development Foundation in New Orleans. He earned his Ph.D. in the areas of Public Administration/Public Finance from Northern Illinois University.

Topic: Auburn's Online Certificate in Emergency Management: From Concept to Delivery

Jamie Schwaba
Jamie SchwabaJamie Schwaba, Director of Continuing Education at University of Wisconsin- Marinette reports from the trenches. She will share results of a nationwide survey of Continuing Education Professionals on how social media is being used (or not) by CE departments and what barriers are encountered. She will then discuss tips, tricks and methods to overcome barriers both big and small to help you merrily on your way to exploring the power of social media.

Topic: How Social Media is Being used in CE Departments

No Money? No Problem: Leveraging Word-of-Mouth Marketing and Social Media to Engage Students and Grow Enrollment
Matthew Painter / 8:30 - 9:30 AM
Matthew Painter

Matt Painter is the director of the McCoy MBA program at Texas State University. He is a senior lecturer in the Department of Management and the faculty advisor to the MBA Student Association. He manages all the marketing, recruiting, and business engagement initiatives for the MBA program at Texas State.

Prior to leading the MBA program, Matt served as the general manager at JG Media, which was named by Inc. Magazine as "the fastest-growing media company in Texas" in 2010. He also served as vice president of operations at SocialMedia.org, the community for senior executives and social media managers at Fortune-500 companies.

Matt is the founder of MarketingLogic, a consulting practice that specializes in branding and creative marketing. He lives in Georgetown, Texas, with his wife and two-year-old son.

Effectively Integrating Mobile Into Your Marketing Mix
Hugh Park Jedwill / 9:30 - 10:30 AM
Hugh Park Jedwill Hugh is the Founder/Chairman of the Heartland Mobile Foundation, a non-profit whose mission is to foster economic development in the Heartland of America by educating the future mobile marketers. He is a former brand marketer with 16 years at Kraft Foods, Palm, Procter & Gamble and Mobile Anthem. He has his MBA from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan and a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Northwestern University.

Hugh is member/volunteer at the American Marketing Association, a director on the Ross Chicago Alumni Board, and an Account Director for the Taproot Foundation. Hugh can be reached at: hugh@heartlandmobilecouncil.com.
Best Marketing Practices for Getting Responses
Ralph Elliott / 10:45 - 12:00 PM
Ralph Elliott

Whether you're a leader of an association, a college/university administrator, or a private provider of events, you will leave a 'Ralph Elliott' workshop with a battery of ideas and very specific ways to get more customers while holding onto the customers you have.

You will get simple, but effective, techniques that will build trust in your organization, remove obstacles to registration and court fence-sitters to attend your events. Ralph's philosophy and his practical advice slogan are one and the same....You Will Learn How To Pack the House without Breaking the Bank! During the conference, you can capitalize on his years of practical experience at Clemson University.

At Clemson, Ralph was Director of Professional Development, Associate Dean for Executive Education, and Vice Provost for Off-Campus, Distance and Continuing Education. At the same time, he worked through the academic ranks... from Assistant to Associate and on to full Professor of Economics.

"Dutch Treat" Networking Lunch & Round Table Discussion with Speakers
Anne Copeland, Moderator / 12:00 - 1:00 PM

Anne Copeland

Anne Copeland is the Director of Marketing and Education at ESMI (Effective Seminar Marketing Institute). She joined ESMI in 2006 in an administrate suport role; although she has worked with Ralph Elliott at Clemson University since late 1999 when he was Vice Provost for Off-Campus, Distance & Continuing Education and Professor of Economics.

Anne's many years of marketing experience, event coordination, and strong work ethics made her a natural fit with ESMI core values and goals. She plays a key role in product development as she collaborates with Ralph to provide current and cutting edge information for his professional development programs, articles, and keynote presentations. She also manages and maintains ESMI and Clemson Conferences' websites.
Best Marketing Practices for Getting Responses, (Cont'd) & Audience Participation: 30 Take - Home Ideas in 30 Minutes
Ralph Elliott / 1:00 - 2:00 PM
Ralph Elliott Take away the best 30 ideas of the Conference in the thirty-minute wrap-up session.